Friday, December 17, 2004

One Week and Counting

Well, we're down to one week before we leave. For those of you keeping tabs on the things we need to get done, here's where we stand.

1. Finding a house- Yes! It's done! We have what has been described to me as a fabulous rental on a lake that is near downtown. We signed a 6 mos. lease, but the owner may want to sell in the summer. Sadly (and understand I have yet to even see it!) it's very pricey to buy (About $500K), so we'll be on the move again once he does find a buyer. I got the new address all printed up nicely on the Christmas cards that went out this week and like, I trusted the information on the Lease to be accurate...which turns out was a mistake...the zip is wrong, it should be 53704.

2. Finding a car- No. The search continues. My car is still looking for a new owner as well although I don't suspect she gathers the enormity (i.e. it's permanence) of the situation at this point.

3. Packing- No. The movers are doing this and I couldn't be happier! We will still do a few more things, but for the most part, it's all them, baby! Honestly, Peanut would get so worked up when I'd pack (from the bending over) that I think this is really for the best.

4. Moving Date. Ummmm, yeah...we'll be on our way after B's last day at work which is officially Dec. 23, therefore, no need to set a place at the Christmas Dinner table for the 3.5 of us. We'll be on the road (maybe in a rental, maybe in my new car...who knows, at least we'll finally be on our way!).

Other than that, it's been a good week. Grace finished up at her school (which she now loves...of course!), we had our final playgroup with her friends and are hoping that Ghost and Joe (the horses) will come around this weekend for a final good-bye carrot as well.

Oh and as to the pictures in the Christmas cards. Yeah, I screwed those up. I tried to crop the image which messed with the resolution and made them grainy. Next year I promise will be the end to our crappy, grainy digital cards...I have a year to get it right!

Cheers and love-
The Texas (soon-to-be Wisconsin) Ducks