Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tuesday Morning Rambling

It's sunny out today and the snow on our roof is melting and dripping giving off the impression that it is actually warm outside. Warm, is a relative concept, I suppose. The forecast for Austin said 80 yesterday. It's days like that when Miss Grace and I would have gone to feed Ghost and Joe (the ever hungry horses), the Fat Pony Things and the wild chickens.

Grace is going to her first playgroup here today. It's an "all ages" group, which we've never done before. I suspect it will go one way or another...either she'll be shy and get run over by the bigger kids or she'll be right in the middle stirring things up. I suspect it will be the later given her general demeanor when it comes to interaction with other kids.

In preparation for the playgroup I'm trying to get Grace to nap, but the babbling and laughing coming from her room says it's not looking good.

The Great Furniture Hunt is still on, although I have finally narrowed down the last piece that we need for now. We've ordered her crib (in white) and a story chair (since Peanut will get the glider) already, now we're down to the changer/hutch combo (in white). I decided on this because it gives me a place to change her, provides storage for her clothes and diapers, allows for displaying her books, picture frames, and other knick-knacks without drilling holes in the wall.

Alright, the nap was a failure...she's now yelling to me. Wish me luck at playgroup with an unrested Miss Grace!

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