Friday, July 30, 2004

It's Friday Again!

Hello all! Not much to report this week...

Grace has been moving a shaking all over the place. She's had a few falls on the tile (ouch!), but is doing well. We FINALLY ordered the carpeting to be used as an area rug, so needless to say we are all anxiously awaiting it's arrival. We selected a nice, thick berber and will be able to get a huge area rug plus two runners (for in front of the sliding glass door and the stair leading into the dining room) from it.

We did go downtown for lunch with Daddy one day this week and had a great time. Grace was perfectly behaved and even enjoyed some Italian bread at the restaurant! Yummmm...

She's got four teeth coming in on the top, so our nights are not as restful as they used to be, but her pootie helps her through the rough times!

That's all for now, I've got some pictures of the house that I'll be getting up here soon. It's really starting to look good, now if we could just do something about the horrific water!!!
The Texas Ducks