Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday Again

Well, it's Friday again. I suppose since I just posted the Port A pictures earlier this week it seems to have gone even faster than normal!

Our new excitement is that we FINALLY have carpeting in the living room! Oh, yes, we know how to live and have a good time! Brandon and I put it down last night and woohooo! Was that exciting! Lucky LOVES the carpeting despite the looming threat for her life if she messes or chews on it. I have to say that after the jute rug we've been living with I enjoy just standing on the plushy berber letting my tootsies get a little taste of paradise!

When I put Grace down this morning she could tell right away that something was different and has had a blast roaming around! The normally pestered and molested palm tree in the kitchen has been second-fiddle to the step into the entryway today. I opened the gate to it pending any incidents that would require that it be reclosed. Grace has just mastered going back down the step without face-planting so I can always lure her back down by making a building out of blocks. She simply can't stand to see the blocks standing nice and tall...CHAOS MUST REIGN!

Have a lovely weekend all!
The Texas Ducks