Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Here are the infamous wild chickens of Scenic Brook Estates! We've been feeding them nightly for about two months or so now and they are always excited to hear our stroller coming up the road. Most of the ones that we feed nightly are from a few "litters"born early this spring that Grace and I have been feeding since they were little babies.

This week was a sad one for the chickens because even though they had territorial differences, the big, lovable black lab Cody that lived on the court was put to sleep due to cancer. Cody loved to watch the chickens for the most part, but every now and then he got a notion to hunt one down. I guess it was his little way of keeping them on their toes. Anyway, we will all miss Cody greatly.

Last but not least I thought I'd share my thoughts on the cerebral input/output of most of the animals in our neighborhood. One day as I was driving up to the house I saw Ghost and Joe (the horses) in the backyard. I figured they were thinking, "Great! Here comes the lady with carrots! We love carrots and will walk back to the fence to get some. Carrots make us happy!"

Then I realized their mental capacity was probably not that advanced. I narrowed down their hypothetical thoughts to, "Hey, there's the carrot lady! We like carrots and carrots make us happy!" Upon further, and likely more realistic thought, I realized what actually goes through their heads as they see me drive or walk up is, "Happy!"

Despite whatever really goes through their minds, Grace and I enjoy feeding them and for as much as Brandon complains about the grocery bill to pay for the nourishment of the neighborhood animals, I know he likes them too.

The Texas Ducks