Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Grace's First Day of School

Hi all!

Just thought I'd post a quickie to let you know that we survived Grace's first day of school with minimal trauma. When I dropped her off I started crying first, then she started. You would have thought the people were tearing us apart during WWII to go off to separate concentration camps or something. Between a hormonal pregnant chick and an 11 month old with separation anxiety it was pretty bad.

I had a previously scheduled hair appointment which I had debated on canceling, but didn't. As it turns out, they called me at 11 AM to let me know that Grace had been crying since I left her at 9 AM. I knew this was probably going to happen, but her father I think was a little unnerved. He claims it was because I didn't hear the cell phone go off when the school called me, so they had to call him and he was worried, but I know the truth. :) Daddy's Little Girl for sure! Anyway, she stopped crying about the time I called, so she toughed it out until I picked her up at 12:45. She was exhausted and her Pootie had had a severe workout, but she (Grace...and Pootie) was in one piece!

I guess the word will spread soon enough, but we'll be home on Oct. 29 for a long weekend. We'll be getting in late, but are looking forward to seeing everyone.
Cheers and love-