Thursday, October 07, 2004


Just a quick update, my doctor has now cancelled two appointments this week. I'm waiting to get in so that we can hear the heartbeat before I send out the big announcement. Tomorrow is the reschedule day (knock on wood)...if the phone rings in the morning before the appointment I'm not answering it and we're just showing up. I'm quite sure they'll find the time to squeeze in a ranting pregnant woman with a screaming 11 month old baby! :)

Then as I've been sitting here typing, Grace is supposed to be taking a nap. I go in to check on her because I hear her babbling away...she is playing with something white in her crib. The only things she has in there are her brown teddy bear and her pink's her diaper. She had taken it off, and was waving it over her head. When she saw me she was totally shocked and knew she was doing something wrong. To make matters worse...she's now peed the brand new sheets I just put on yesterday morning.

I truly wish I could just relax with a beer tonight.
Cheers all!