Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm almost least that's what Mommy keeps saying

This week was alright. It got a little colder here so we've been taking walks every day. We fed the chickens a few times, but since their hiding spaces were cleared away they aren't as brave as they used to be, so we don't see as many. There was a huge rooster that we fed the other day though, but I don't know where all of his friends were.

Daddy turned my car-seat around this week so now I can see Mommy and where we are going. It's a different perspective, but I like it. I think I'll be a good navigator when I get a little older.

I had school again this week and was really good. I didn't cry at all and showed Mommy all around when she picked me up. I did make my teachers give me Pootie though, but Mommy fixed that when she picked me up. She's smart that Mommy of mine!

Mommy had Aunt Rhonda over for dinner one night and I like her now. I used to scream and cry whenever she came over (but I don't remember why), but now she's fun! Oh, and she let me dump her whole glass of ice water on her lap and the floor, so that was a good time.

Alright, my Grandma and Grandpa Duck are coming tonight, so I have to go. I need to help clean and stuff before they get here. Also, Mommy keeps saying that I'm going to be "1" soon, whatever that means. I hope that it means we're getting a dog...
Love to all-
Miss Grace