Friday, November 05, 2004

My Kind of Town

So, I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired!

Seriously folks, I'm back. I went to Chicago to see my Grandmas and stuff last weekend. I had a lot of fun finding all of their "No-No's." I like to give people a challenge. Speaking of, you should have seen me on the plane. I was realllllly good...not! I had fun though with my cousin Aiden. He had some fun toys to play with. But the last night we were there he woke up crying so I just sat really still in case the monster or whatever scared him was after me too. Then I woke up Mommy and Daddy and we came home.

This week I learned how to clap. Whenever I hear the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" I just clap along. It's a great tune. I also am walking a lot now. It's still faster to crawl, but I can walk if I want to. I was really good at school this week and only cried a little bit. When Mommy came to get me I was crawling around and playing like a big girl.

Let's see, other than that, not much to report. Mommy said we have to go to her Dr. this afternoon to see my baby brother or sister so that should be fun (sigh). Maybe this will be the time that Mommy decides a dog would be a better choice. Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, keep scrolling and there are some great new pictures of me!
Love and stuff-
Miss Grace