Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Countdown is On!

We are SOOOOO excited about coming up this weekend. It hardly seems fathomable that two weeks ago we were planning on waiting until January until we made it home. I check out Tom Skilling's predictions as to the weather daily. Looks like we're going to get the cooler weather we've been longing for! It's still in the upper 80s here with lots of humidity coming up from Mexico and the Gulf.

Anyway, I FINALLY felt Peanut move on Sunday morning which was a great relief to me. Since then he's been actively moving about in the evenings. I'm just about 17 weeks along, so in another three weeks we'll get to go in for the big ultrasound. Yes, the one where they COULD tell us what sex it is, but they're not going to!!!!!

Grace had her second day of school today which went much better. She only cried for 20 minutes (or so they told me) and after I dropped her off, I waited to break down until I got in the car. I only cried for about five minutes. We're both making good progress! :)

Only a few more days! I'll try to get some more pictures posted on here before we leave.
Cheers and love-