Friday, October 22, 2004

My Week

So, here I am again. Wow, what a long week.

Let's start with Monday. We went to Target which is Mommy's favorite store ever. Period. She bought me some clothes because the weather is supposed to be getting colder. Sure, I'll believe that, it's only 90 degrees here everyday right now. Then Tuesday was the first day of school. I cried. A lot. I wasn't sure Mommy was coming back. I had Pootie with me, but she doesn't really know how to make a bottle or sing "The Wheels on the Bus" so I was pretty sure that I still needed Mommy to come back. She did. I just hope I don't have to go back again soon.

Wednesday Mommy was all snotty so we went to her doctor. I spent a lot of time smiling at the receptionists who said I was cute. After that I tested the laws of gravity by dropping everything (sippy cup, toys, books, Altoids tin) out of my stroller. Mommy said she was glad to leave and go home. Me too. We stopped on the way home to buy a big, fluffy coat. I'm not sure when it will ever get cold enough for me to wear it, but I like new clothes, so I didn't complain. That afternoon Mommy tricked me into getting a Flu shot. I was a big girl though and only cried for a second. Not like the little baby we saw on the way out. He lost it pretty much.

Thursday I got a new toy. It's a very cool activity table, but I didn't want to leave it at mealtimes, so I pretty much just threw a fit (and my turkey) and then Mommy gave up trying to feed me. I soooo know how to play her. That night I had a babysitter and I played her too! :) When Mommy and Daddy came home I was still up and didn't eat any of my bottle...once Mommy got me to sleep though, I slept through until this morning.

Today we went to Gymboree. It was fun. My friend Sophie was there. She's getting a brother in March. I'm still hoping my Mommy decides to return our baby for a dog like Apollo. I love him.

That's it.
Miss Grace