Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Tale of Two Cities

So I guess it's official that I am a die-hard Health Nut. Yes, me. It was a shock to me as well, but all things considered, I see no other way around it. It's a label I am willing to accept. I have been on two walks in the last two days. This seems like no small feat but when you consider what this entails, I'm sure you'll agree with me. For your reference I have put together a small comparison list for you to peruse. With the elements I'm VOLUNTARILY facing, I must be a Health Nut.
AUSTIN: 3 minutes of preparation time (gather carrots for horses, corn for chickens) and 30 minutes of walking time

MADISON: 15 minutes and 20 lbs. of winter weather gear between Miss Grace and me (mittens, gloves, hats, scarf, boots, coats, blanket, space heater with extension cord...), 20 minutes of walking time before my legs freeze and I need to be oiled like the Tin Man

AUSTIN: rip off layers of clothes as the heat becomes unbearable

MADISON: rip the weatherman a new one for not mentioning just how cold 24 degrees actually is...a little warning would be nice

AUSTIN: battle with Grace to keep her sunhat and sunglasses on for protection

MADISON: (this is actually a pro, I suppose) Grace allows her hat to completely fall over her eyes and does not even make an attempt to move it...also leaves on ridiculously large mittens despite intense desire to tear them off

AUSTIN: enjoy popsicles after the long walk

MADISON: deal with snotsicles that have formed and are dangerously near to dripping on my nice new down jacket

AUSTIN: warding off vagrant, snarling dogs with buck knife

MADISON: (again I think this is a pro, but just for your reference) on the lookout for well-behaved city dogs to make "woof-woof" sounds at (for Grace's sake, really...)

AUSTIN: avoid horse paddies, and random frog and chicken carcasses in the road

MADISON: turn on the stroller's 4WD to maneuver through snow, ice, and water puddles on the sidewalk
As you'll see below, Grace enjoys our trips too. So much so that she doesn't even THINK about ripping that damn hat off her head no matter how much she hates it!

Cheers and love!