Monday, January 24, 2005

Equally Guilty!

Last August, long before I knew I'd be ripped from my happy little home, I sat sewing in the kitchen in Austin. Suddenly it occurred to me that I couldn't remember when our anniversary was. So, I called out to DH in the living room, "Honey, I know if you asked this there would be all kinds of hell to pay, but is our anniversary January 27th?" Snickers and an air of smugness began to emerge. "Really, I don't remember," I pleaded.

"This is totally a Get Out of Jail Free Card for me in the future," replied loving husband certain that he knew the answer. "Our anniversary is January 23rd."

"Are you sure?" I volleyed back, not convinced that was the date either. "Maybe we'd better look it up."

We pulled out our scrapbook, which has collected dust since Grace was born, and found our marriage certificate from the Travis County Clerk...sure enough...our anniversary is January 24.

No Get Out of Jail Free Card for DH. And he's still kind of in trouble for last year's anniversary when he said so sincerely, "Gosh, I can't believe it's already been two years."

Well honey, that's because it was only one year, but I'm glad that I enrich your life so much that you feel as if you've had two wonderful years with me! Now it's official's two years today!

Love to all and thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes!