Thursday, January 20, 2005

Someone's in the kitchen with Mommy...

So I've been good about cooking this week. Nothing extravagant, one night it was ham (I bought some ham...first time ever...a bit confused in the grocery about it, but it came out OK other than B flipping out when he saw the pricetag on it!!!) with mashed potatoes, and applesauce, another night we had sausage, mac and cheese (a Grace approved favorite!) and peas and carrots and tonight was my mom's Chicken Marinara with spaghetti.

As I was cutting the fat off the chicken breasts, freezing my little hands in the water, there was a screeching one year-old in the kitchen with me. It began to become a bit apparent to me as to why I haven't made more progress in the kitchen in the last year. First of all, she wanted to see what I was doing. So, I put her in her highchair with some Kix and Velcroed wooden fruit to "cut" up. That was only fun for about 7 minutes. Suddenly Kix were being launched onto the tile floor at a maddening pace and then...she then began to scream like a Teradactyl. Out of the highchair she went. The second her tooties hit the floor she was raising her hands to be picked up to see what was going on the stove. Lift the chicken lid...oh, yes, cooking chicken. Lift the pasta lid...water coming to a boil. This went on and on and on while I cooked the chicken, added the sauce, cooked the spaghetti noodles, etc., etc. I'm quite sure Emeril doesn't have this kind of challenge when he's cooking. Neither does Wolfgang Puck.

I've gotten some great recipes so far (am VERY excited about trying beef stew with the Winter Weather Advisory we have coming up for the weekend!) and will keep you update...please send along anymore that you might come across!

Cheers and love-
Mama Duck