Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mad City

Hello from Mad City (as Madison is referred to...)-

We're all settled into the house and enjoying it quite a bit! Most of the boxes have been unpacked and it almost looks like a home. Grace and I took a walk around the block today and it lasted 10 minutes. It was about all the two of us could handle, but I guess it's good that we got out today because I see that the
weather is about to take a dive. According to the temperature gauge on the stroller it was a balmy 35 degrees compared to the single digits it's about to swoop down to. We'll see what I'm really made of when that time comes.

As for Grace, she's loving the new house. The formal dining room is her toy haven and her bedroom is about twice the size of the once she had back in Texas. Disproving, I guess, the theory that "Everything is bigger in Texas."

I'm hoping that soon I'll get some new pictures up. The house, a belly shot (I've "popped" in the last two weeks!!!), and of course, some cute ones of Miss Grace.

Cheers and love-
The TX (n/k/a WI) Ducks