Thursday, January 06, 2005

No Pictures for Awhile Longer

Hi all!

We had a short but nice time out in the snow yesterday. Grace took a ride on her new sled with Grandpa Duck. It lasted all of about 35 seconds before she started yelling and crying about the cold and snow. Hmmmm, wonder where she gets that from? Anyway, I'll post some pictures of it when we arrive in Madison as I don't have the application to post it from

A fabulous new game has emerged whilst staying at the Maison De Duck...I pull Lucky out of her cage leaving the door closed and release Hurricane Grace and Lucky into the basement. Grace LOVES chasing Lucky in an attempt to pet her and Lucky sometimes even gives in. Mostly though it's great exercise for the both of them as Lucky can't just retreat to her cage for an escape.

For those of you new to the blog...Lucky is my geriatric and crotchety Albino New Zealand rabbit. She weighs in at about 10+ pounds and has survived three cross-country moves. Although she is the senior of my two "girls" she has a bad temperament and is frequently confined to her cage for molesting the carpeting and various wooden furniture pieces. According to my DH she is also always "skating on thin ice" and has been threatened with the following on many occasions: being turned into a pair of fur-lined gloves, release back into the wild, or being cooked for dinner.

That's it for now, Hurricane Grace is running out of things to check out down here, time to head back up to Toyland on the main floor.
Love and cheers to all!