Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Amazing Grace, The Poop and The Puke

Once upon a time there was a cute little girl named Amazing Grace who woke up with a fever. As the day went on she didn't feel much better (except for a few times when we blew bubbles on the porch), she had seven diapers with diarrhea throughout the day.

One time as her mommy, The Queen, was picking her up from her nap trying to figure out how she had gotten diarrhea on the sheet of her crib without getting it on her clothes...Amazing Grace puked all over The Queen. The Queen astutely noted that the stain on the sheet therefore was not diarrhea, but puke.

After many attempts to get Amazing Grace to drink Pedialyte and Gatorade (at the doctor's suggestion) The Queen and The King put the tiny Amazing Grace to bed, tired and still not feeling well.

The end.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind at the end of this really great story:
1. Amazing Grace is putting out liquids faster than she's taking them in...any suggestions are welcomed by The Queen.
2. You will notice there was no trip to Target for The Queen this day which means dirty dishes are piling up in the sink due to the lack of dish-wand in the castle.
3. The Queen smelled like puke for the remainder of the day, but has now showered and smells much better, thank you.