Sunday, March 27, 2005

Whizzing Puppies ARE Lovable

Because I just love John Hughes movies...I swiped this from Melinda to whom I solemnly promise to post my responses the the literary questionnaire soon! This was just goofy and I needed it! So my interpretation of this result it that I am the lovable yellow lab puppy on speed who pees on visitors' shoes, but no one cares because I'm cute and friendly! Also, the whole swearing thing...NO idea where that comes from!!!! Rigggggghhhhht...I don't drink (mostly because I'm CONSTANTLY knocked-up) or smoke...I have to have some outlet, people!

You are Clark Griswold!
You are Clark Griswold (from National Lampoon's
Vacation)! You're full of optimism and
boundless energy, and no one loves a good
family trip more. No one else can swear a blue
streak like you either, Sparky!

Which John Hughes Character Are You?
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