Thursday, March 24, 2005

Don't Touch...

Why do strangers feel the need to touch children they don't know? I'm guessing it's the same chemical that's released in their brain that makes them think it's OK to touch a pregnant stranger's belly. NO, NOT OK! I don't walk up to you and pet your beer-belly and say, "How cute!"

We were walking through Copps today to pick up a few groceries and this women petted Grace's arm and said how pretty she was as she passed by.

Ummmm, bad images of the Wicked Witch of the West! ("I'll get you my pretty!!")

It could have been the DALMATION coat she was wearing (which people here thinks is a cow coat...every one knows cows spots are much bigger!!! Geez, and these people think they know cows...) which made her want to touch Grace. Every time we go out people comment on how beautiful of a coat it is. Being her personal Fashion Consultant, I have to agree, but let's not touch, mmmmk?

I do have to add that for the amount of compliments we get on it, some people would die if they knew it was from Wal-Mart (not much of a winter coat selection to choose from in Austin, TX) and not from some ubber-expensive, snooty boutique.