Friday, March 18, 2005

Playing God

I will continue to my perpetual rant on the freakin' snow that just continues to fall here later, but for now, I humbly seek advice.

At what point do you call it "time" to euthanize a pet? Lucky's medication seems to be doing nothing for her. This once voracious eater and enthusiastic seeker of attention just sits in her cage now. She will happily gobble up fresh produce, but not eat pellets or hay (which is VITAL to keeping their digestive tract in working order) and I'm not sure when the last time she drank water was but her litter is pretty dry.

I had her in here with me yesterday to allow her to have some space, but her hopping was, as previously mentioned, very sloppy and her legs wouldn't stay underneath her. Additionally in a last attempt for ultimate defiance, this meticulously potty trained rabbit whizzed on the floor (don't tell Papa Duck...I Resolved the carpet and the stain is now merely a memory) which I would never expect of the "normal" Lucky.

I think that her quality of life is poor and not being able to even take her out of the cage (for fear of her hurting herself in hopping or Papa Duck killing her for peeing on the floor) seems even more cruel. She's lost a considerable amount of weight and shakes almost constantly (similar to Parkinson's patients). Is sending her to Bunny Heaven with a lethal injection the humane thing to do?!?!?! When do you KNOW that you can't do anymore....?