Thursday, March 17, 2005

Things that Suck

Lucky, the rabbit who seemingly would never die but actually outlast even the post-nuclear cockroaches, seems to be making that long journey to Bunny Heaven. While Brandon will continually say, "You said that last time and I'm not holding my breath," as if it were a promise more than a realization made by a rather sad and sobbing me, I think this is it.

We are trying one more round of antibiotics, but even from the time we left to pick them up yesterday to the time we returned she had decreased rather dramatically. She is unable to hop and has little to no balance although her appetite for turnip greens still seems strong.

So the topic of last evening was what to "do" when the time comes. We can't bury her here as we're renting and I don't want her left in some yard we'll never see again. I thought about burying her in one of our parents' yards, but we don't have a deep-freeze to keep her in until we can make that trip. Brandon has nixed the idea of getting her formally cremated due to cost (something about the cost-benefit outweighing the something or another...), but in his normal show of love and affection for Lucky, he has offered, for the low price of "a couple of beers" to put her in a shoe-box and have a cremation ceremony in the backyard.