Sunday, March 13, 2005

My Weekend in A Nutshell

Again, for those of you keeping track...Peanut's FHR was in the 150s on Friday...Lucky Lum, who just had her beautiful baby boy on Thursday, said that his FHR was in the 150s the whole time, so who knows? We'll soon see if you have a "Kack" or "Eh"! For those of you who missed the prior posting, that's how Miss Grace says the names of her potential sibling.

Speaking of...a big old CONGRATS and a bottle of Motrin to Miss Lucky Lum for delivering her 8 plus pounder without an epidural. Not by choice, mind you, but still. I'm under the assumption that any woman who has just delivered a kid without drugs probably doesn't like him/her nearly as much as the doped up mum who hardly felt a thing. At least right away. Just a thought.

In other news my folks were up for a visit yesterday which was fun. We went to lunch and enjoyed all kinds of healthy foods, like burgers, hot dogs and fried cheese curds (a WI thing). I also managed to finish an entire Lucky Leprechaun Shake before our food arrived and it was gooooooood. Peanut thought so to based on his enthusiastic aerobic routine.

Lucky has been a very thankful bunny and good patient as I've been giving her meds for a week now (note the presence of distinct sarcasm). She's still about as graceful as a drunken sailor, but due to the bacterial infection she had this will now be part of her life. Our vet here is just as delusional as any when it comes to the reality of giving animals medication. The vet explained that the serum was Pina Colada flavored and that Lucky would like it so much that she would actually think of it as a treat. Apparently my rabbit isn't one of the Parrothead, beach-bum rabbits that the vet was used to working with because she still cowers in the corner when I bring the syringe up to her. Or perhaps she is more of a margarita type girl? Anyway, Brandon has very humanely suggested drafting a DNR (do not resuscitate) on Lucky's behalf pending any more medical issues. He's always looking out for her best interest by way of the checkbook you know.