Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday Thoughts

Random thoughts and tid-bits for the day:

* I washed all the 0-3 mos. clothes this morning and cannot believe how TINY Miss Grace once was and that soon we will have another small one in the house. T-I-N-Y…

* I slept through my morning Blog/internet check while Grace was napping. An hour and 15 minutes. We got up at 7 AM and the nap started at 10, I shouldn’t have been that tired after only three hours. Sad.

* You may all rest easy...the search for the white hamper is over! Last night I managed to escape the house alone for a few hours to do some shopping. I found a white wicker hamper with a cute pink striped liner! Not the gingham I had envisioned, but sometimes something different comes up and actually winds up being a better fit design-wise.

* It snowed ALL morning and left quite a bit of accumulation on the ground. I thought spring started in March, what’s up with this weather? It wasn’t part of the deal I made in agreeing to move here.

* As a result of such, today I made history and for the first time in my life and participated in that snow removal ritual called "shoveling". I’m pretty sure that I “helped” my parents shovel when I was little, but this was actual work with the end result being a path to my car so that Grace and I could get out for a bit today. Sadly, besides lugging a 22 lb. Grace up and down the stairs a dozen or more times a day, this is about the only exercise I’ve gotten since we left Texas.

* That path to my car led us to a dangerous shopping destination. Not nearly as dangerous as the dreaded Target, but one that would put a dent in my monthly allowance nonetheless…Marshall’s! We found an adorable Valentine’s sweater/hat set for $5 and a three-piece burgundy velvet holiday outfit (with silver embroidered snowflakes) for $6…both for Miss Grace, of course. I LOVE finding bargains like that! I realize that Valentine's Day is over and the holidays are months off, these purchases will be for the following holidays. Now the three-piece set was originally $16.99 which is still a pretty good deal for most people, but a tightwad….ummmm, I mean penny-wise consumer like myself would have a hard time shelling that money out for a kid’s outfit. But $6?!?! Can’t beat it.

* On the way home I actually had a man yell at me (my car). I had just gotten the green light and was about to turn left when this guy entered the crosswalk. My car was rolling forward (from the stop-line…not even entering the turn yet…) to avoid the angry honking that might have ensued by agitated drivers behind me if my car sat completely still at a green light. The guy, who seemed as if he wasn’t homeless, that is assuming he didn’t believe that my car was an elephant or UFO (I didn’t actually hear the words he yelled) started hollering and waving his arms at me like I had hit the gas and was about to hit him. Interesting.