Monday, March 07, 2005

Trend Setter

We just returned from a long trip to the World's Best Wal-Mart which is deemed as such because I frequently get free things due to their employee's scrutiny over my purchases. Yes, scrutiny. They pay TOO much attention to attempting to read the coupons but then proceed to screw it up anyway. Once I got two multi-packs of Orbit gum free because the checker read the coupon was "Buy one SINGLE pack get one SINGLE pack free OR get $1 off a multi-pack." She voided BOTH $1.88 per package that was a savings of $3.76.

The next time I went the girl took no less than three minutes reading over my coupons. One was for "$2 off of 2 tubes of Crest." The tubes I chose from the shelf were $1.97. She asked if I bought two (now she's already scanned them mind you) and I said yes, so she scanned the coupon. When I got home I realized that yes, both tubes were in my bags, but no, she hadn't scanned them both. That time I scored a free tube of toothpaste and an extra 3 cents.

I love this place. I have to say though with Miss Grace putting her hands on everything and squirming around I don't notice their mistakes until later, but you'd think with all the "attention" they're paying to my order that they'd get it right. Also, I was under the assumption that if you didn't purchase an item and then tried to use a coupon it wouldn't validate it. At least that's how it worked in TX, maybe things here are different.

Anyway, my back to my titled post...trend setting.

I really wanted to purchase white furniture for Grace. The crib was not a problem, but when looking for the hutch and combo unit you'd swear I was asking for it to be painted green or stained some awful shade of orange. I consider white to be a pretty basic color in the way of furniture...silly me. We spent no less than three weekends looking for this sucker...the guy at Babies R Us (back in IL because we don't have one in Madison) said it was rare to have a hutch in white. Huh? Apparently white isn't as common as I'd thought.

To prove this, I am now desperately trying to find a white wicker hamper with a pink gingham liner.
Yes, Target has it...on-line only (the shipping makes it a $50 hamper...ummmm, not gonna happen).
Yes, Babies R Us has Illinois.
Yes, Wal-Mart had them a few weeks ago but "Miss Continually Doesn't Strike While The Shopping Iron Is Hot" missed out on that.

You'd think it wouldn't be hard to find a white hamper, no? At this point I'm even willing to make the stupid liner to go inside of it. I've even gone so far as to consider buying a natural colored hamper, spray paint it and then make the liner...that's a lot of work though.

Ask my mom about the green velvet homecoming dress for sophomore year (the year they ONLY made black velvet dresses) or the peach prom dress (the year that brights were in) some time. She'll tell you that I am ALWAYS one season/year ahead of my time in selecting decor or clothing. Seriously I should have gone into interior or clothing design. I'd make a killing since I can "see" into the future!