Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bargain of the Week

Although it's only Wednesday I feel confident in announcing this as the Official Bargain of the Week.

Monday's doctor's appointment revealed a FHR of 150 which is much higher than the recently charted territory of 120-130. This could be attributed to the fact that Peanut was, at the time, performing a series of flips, twists and turns which was the aerobic equivalent of Kerri Strug's Olympic floor-exercise routine. I panicked a bit.

We've collected a couple boy outfits (just in case), but then there was the "gender neutral" snowsuit Brandon picked up. No pink blanket was going to hide the fact that it was a boy outfit. We stopped off at Gordman's (fabulous place!!!) and I picked this $50 (or so the receipt claimed...) Weather Tamer jacket/snowsuit combo up for...$5.00. Yes, that's five American dollars my friends, and the best part? It's returnable in 90 days...plenty of time to see if we need the big dinosaurs or pastel pink!
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