Friday, February 25, 2005

Why oh why...

...must Target have the best sales ever and carry the coolest stuff now that I don't work? I used my allowance, but had to restrain myself which is really a Target buzz-kill. Maybe someday I need a part-time job there to get big, huge discounts off the already good clearance prices?

"Ummm, yes, I'd like to apply for a job."

"Sure lady, just fill out this application and bring it up to me when you're done then we'll chat a bit in the way of an interview."

"Well, before I go through all of that I was really just wondering what kind of employee discount that you get?"

"It's ____%." (the number 80 comes to my ever-hopeful mind)

"But what about off of "clearance" merchandise, is it still that same ___% in addition to the already reduced price?"

Manager rolls eyes and rips application out of my hand.

End of potential career at Target.

Got some FABULOUS photo albums there today in a faux suede. One is a chocolate suede with a cute silver belt-buckle to close the album and the other one is a tan suede with a chocolate "leather" trimmed collage of four photos on the cover. Very cute and will go along well with my favorite album that was a gift from Pottery Barn a few Christmases ago.
It had also been requested that I write about my belly-button which is no longer the small cute innie that I once was able to show off in the warmer months whilst wearing teeny-bopper midrif baring tank tops.

Today it looks much like a duckbill from my angle. The top kind of sticks out triangularly and the bottom half of it is completely flush with the rest of my skin. It keeps Grace very amused which includes pulling my shirt up to check it out while shopping at Marshall's.

Brandon is mostly jealous of it right now because it's super easy to clean. No more dirt-hoarding crevices to dig in with a Q-Tip...just flat skin that cleans as easily as your arm or leg.

And with that lovely image implanted in your brain...have a fabulous weekend! I'll try to get some pics up here soon!