Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Update on the Phone Number Saga

Let's see, another week or so has gone by with about a dozen more calls for the infamous Blackwells pouring in. They left their checkbook in another dining establishment this weekend (wow, they sound like they might be a good time to party with!) and the guy who just called had to confirm with me that I didn't know their new number and was curious if lots of people had called for the Blackwells (Clifford, Kate, Emma Rose and however many more of them there are). Additionally he was helpful enough to let me know that if I called the operator they could change my number, free of charge, so it doesn't keep happening.

OK, here's an idea. How about the Blackwells go ahead and send out a big fat change of phone number e-mail to everyone they know (friends, family, creditors, the restaurants they frequent, doctors, Sears home delivery, their local Walgreens photo center, etc.) and update their checks with the new number?

I don't wanna change my phone number! I have it memorized and it's an easy one to remember. Perhaps that's why people keep calling it.