Friday, February 11, 2005

Public Service Announcement

We have had the very unfortunate luck of being assigned the phone number for a family named the Blackwells. The poor Blackwells remodeled their house on State Street here in Madison and apparently gave up phone service for awhile but meant to keep their number. This did not happen.

They have ordered something very large requiring delivery from Sears. They have photos waiting for them at Walgreens. They left their checkbook at a Mexican restaurant (too many margaritas, Mr. Blackwell?). They had some type of work on their house which they were to be billed for via mailed invoice.

Wanna know how I know all this about them? Every freakin' caller feel obligated to tell me their life story and personal involvement with the Blackwells. Additionally, they always have to ask if I know their new phone number. What the heck kind of phone company would disclose that information to a new phone subscriber?!?!?! Do these people really think that SBC would trust me with the Blackwells new number? These people are typically all kinds of confused about why this number doesn't belong to the Blackwells. I simply cannot say, "Wrong number!" because I KNOW THEY WILL TRY TO CALL AGAIN, so I have to explain it each time.

Just a PSA, in the event you are trying to reach the Blackwells of Madison, Wisconsin who do still live on State Street in their newly remodeled home...I DO NOT HAVE THEIR PHONE NUMBER...

I am starting to think about giving about a false number just so people will leave me alone, but I'm afraid they might call back to let me know that the number I supplied them with is not correct.

Mama Duck (NOT MA BELL!!!!!)