Thursday, February 03, 2005

Update on Peanut

Hello all!

Just a quick note from "Mommy" on how Peanut is doing.

We had an appointment this week and everything looks right on target for 31 weeks. His FHR was 125 again!!! Very low compared to Miss Grace! This week he has been VERY active at night following my evening ritual of a bowl of Bunny Tracks ice cream (vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls and small chocolate covered peanut butter bunnies...ummm, yeah, it's "light"...). A few mornings I've been woken up with a bout of his little hiccups too!

Here are the results to the recent poll I had listed on this to those of you who thought Peanut was a:
Girl: 12
Boy: 30

Only two more months until we find out for sure!

Have a great weekend and check out the recent pics of Miss Grace below!
Cheers and love to all-