Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Two Keys

Really, how hard is it to make a duplicate key? No, let me be more specific, how hard is it to make a duplicate key that actually WORKS??!?!!? I have now been to the antiquated True Value Hardware up the street twice now with keys that don’t work. Today the key-making guy told me that this key was the most frequently incorrectly cut key. Ummmm, so why didn’t you correctly cut it I wonder as I stand in the freezing doorway with the stupid key refusing to turn in the lock.

The key-making guy was using a machine, it’s not like he was carving this sucker from raw metal materials and having to notch out each tooth. I’m down to three days before I have to hand these keys over to my dad who has unassumingly agreed to watch Miss Grace when I go into the hospital. I’m about to tell the guy to unplug his super-duper key-making machine, put it in his car and follow me home so that I don’t have to keep driving over there, walking up the single aisle of the store (which, by the way, is lined with about two dozen types of fertilizer thus presenting the world’s greatest touching temptation for one little 16 month old girl) and waiting to have more keys made that will in all likelihood not work anyway.

I will now have to return to this hazardous zone of temptation this afternoon in hopes of getting two keys that work. This is cutting into my white-hamper-hunting time, my friends.