Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I've Threatened it Before

I was doing a quick check on the internet a few moments ago when I heard Lucky's toy bell chime. Thinking nothing of it I surfed on, but wait, what could that have been? Certainly my rabbit wouldn't have been playing with some stupid toy I paid good money for, would she?

For those of you unfamiliar with "Lucky" she is my geriatric, vet-bill-racking-up, crotchety rabbit. She has been threatened recently that she will have a cap put on the amount that her mother is allowed to spend to save her life. She's also been threatened frequently with release into the wild (by Brandon who claims this is humane since it's winter now and she's albino...plenty of time to get used to her surroundings in the snow with the benefit of natural camouflage).

So back to the chiming bell I hear. I walk out to Lucky's area to determine the true source of the noise. There in Lucky's cage is Little Miss Grace and a rather disgruntled Lucky. Grace is investigating the pellets in the food dish and the "chocolate" Kix. I save Lucky from her uninvited guest who, before removal from the cage, puts her hand in the water dish and grabs a handful of hay for the road.

Now Grace is in here with me desperately trying to break into the Ziploc bag of old pacifiers I have saved (why? they cost like $3 to replace) for the new baby. While I've threatened putting Grace in a cage before I suspect I'll have to get her one of her own as Lucky is unwilling to share her space.

Relax, I'm not going to put her in a cage. It's just an empty threat, but chasing her at eight months pregnant would be much less of a challenge if she were confined to a smaller area.