Friday, April 29, 2005

The Great Closet in the Sky

Today was a sad day in my life.

Think back to “Mr. Mom” when Michael Keaton so bravely tossed his beloved flannel shirt into the fire. Today, I understood the pain and sorrow he felt. It was a symbolic and mournful time, but I finally let go of my grey yoga pants. These pants made it through two pregnancies with me as well as were the couture de choice upon the Duckling’s hospital homecoming to our humble abode in Austin.

The demise of the pants began in February 2004 after a run-in with the hell-dog named “Angel” who roamed our neighborhood in Austin. In an attempt to show me that she was the boss of her street she grabbed the back of my leg. Luckily for her, I am an animal lover, otherwise the buck knife that I wielded that day would have found it’s way into her little jaw (I don’t say this lightly, she was a bad dog (with stupid owners) and I did have to file a report with Animal Control that day…the Duckling was only 8 weeks old when she attacked us). The hole she left in the left pant leg was inoperable. Over time the hem on the pants also began to fade and let lose. Time, my friends, time, was taking its toll.

Last night I found a similar pair at Target and although they are not the exact shade of grey, nor are they quite as soft as the originals, I know over time I will come to love them just as much.

For today though, it is with a heavy heart and hand that I release the original grey yoga pants into the Great Closet in the Sky.

Three cheers to you and may you rest in peace with all the beloved clothing items that have come before you. Please feel free to leave comments remembering those clothing items which you have had to release to their hangers in the Great Closet in the Sky.

Please see the photo memorial below for some of the good times that Grey Yoga Pants and I shared.