Thursday, April 21, 2005

I am Mature.

In a true showing of maturity, I proved to myself and the world that I am able to control my childlike impulses.

I wore new shoes on our walk on Monday which resulted in a fabulous blister on my ring-toe...well, the one next to the pinkie toe anyway. It was the size of the small bubbles on a sheet of bubblewrap which I assume would have produced a nice stream of water had I popped it.

It is now Thursday and I have not touched the blister (other than to push on it a bit to marvel at its enormity) and have noticed that nature has done something with the watery liquid inside of it.

I've never left a blister alone long enough to see the natural course of a blister's healing.

Proof once again that I am growing up.

But yes, farts are still funny which I suppose negates my whole practice of self-control noted above.