Friday, April 15, 2005

Mama and Peanut's Adventures

We're baaaaaack....

Gotta make this short and as Papa Duck is playing a rousing game of Hide and Seek with the cable for the camera I can't post pictures, but here's the low-down on our recent arrival.

I called my dad at 7 AM on Wednesday and said I was pretty sure "today was the day" so head on up north for Ducking Duty then I continued to chart 11 AM they were about 5 minutes apart so we called the doctor and she called us in. Thankfully my dad AND mom made it there by 10ish to watch the Duckling.

Like last time I vastly underestimated how far we were in the process...I was 7 cm dilated and she sent us "directly to the hospital, do not pass go, do not collect $200"...she's English and very funny. If you want someone to cheer you on through labor, this is your lady. Anyone moving to my neck of the woods and in need of a fabulous OB/GYN, let me know.

I made sure that everyone we talked to from the doctor on knew I wanted drugs. And the sooner the better, so don't hold out on me folks. We made it to the hospital by noon I had my drugs within about an hour. As I stared dreamily at the anesthesiologists, I thought, "I love you guys." Which now that I think about it, I actually said that too...repeatedly.

To spare you any of the pain that I experienced (let's just say the double epi I had in Austin allowed me to feel nothing, this one...not quite the same)...we pushed for an hour starting at 3 and she, Peanut (sorry...I'll send out her name in an e-mail...just want to avoid the Singapoearn (is that right?) perv who is interested in my underwear ) was born at 4 PM (on the dot!). An attending doctor guessed her birthweight (prior to delivery of course) at 6 lbs. 10 oz...OOPS! She came out at a whopping 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 20 inches, just like her Big Sister.

I'll cut this short for now and try to get Papa Duck to reveal the USB cord's hiding location so as to post some photos soon. Thank you ALL for your kind words and comments! I missed you all and am glad to be home.

BTW, I do think I saw the case to Baby Mozart DVD somewhere in the mess in the delivery room...I knew she was in there chilling out and relaxing!