Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Could be....who knows?"

"There's something due any day, I will know right away...maybe tonight?"

A bit of "West Side Story" for you musical buffs out there.

You might wonder why I'm posting at 5:15 AM...well my friends, I think we MIGHT actually see Peanut make his arrival today. I've been having contractions...ohhhhh, there's one...hold please...ahhhh, better... since about 3:20ish.

Anyway, I thought I'd upload the recent pics from our camera onto the computer to free up some space for Peanut, and then I decided to post them, but during our "computer clean-up" last night a setting got wiped out so I called India via SBC this AM and "Brian" (which I'm sure is not his real name) helped me restore the setting and VOILA! Here I am...but now I'm really tired and haven't been charting the times like I should be.

I was trying to do track them in the dark in bed, but every time I'd sit up to see the clock I'd wake up Papa Duck who would immediately want to know what was wrong.

"Same thing as the last time I sat up...still having contractions."

"You know he's not going to just fall out of you."

"Damn...I had been hoping for that! I heard the second time around is easier..."

Alright...I'm going to attempt to get some sleep, but my poor dad is likely to get that early morning call in a bit to let him know he's "on-call" for Duckling Duty.