Monday, April 11, 2005

Nothing Much to Say

Still no baby...went to Gymboree this AM and will need to go shoe shopping this afternoon for a pair of casual black mules. Pulled mine out of the closet yesterday and noticed they are trashed. Yet another completely unusable item was moved across the country in vain. Ho hum...
From the Funny Things Papa Duck Says Archives...

"For those of you with rheumatoid arthritis, your vocabulary is about to change..." the announcer says in the background on our TV.

"You mean if you have arthritis you get more than 26 letters?" asks Papa Duck.

"Ummmm, you get more words, honey...not a different alphabet," Mama Duck explains as she wishes a nice cold beer were an option for the evening.

Accountant humor I guess...what can you do?

Happy Monday all!