Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wednesday Ramblings

Today is D-Day, but I’m not feeling it, although I didn’t last time either, we just kind of went to the hospital “in case” (at 5 cm with contractions every 5 minutes, yeah, sometimes I’m not all that aware of my body…). We see the doctor this afternoon, so I’ll keep you posted.

After last night’s Law & Order: SVU Papa Duck is refusing to watch the show in the future. The episode ended with the jury foreman speaking those important words, “We the jury find the Defendant…” and then cut to credits. I tried to explain that really a verdict is just the opinion formed on facts presented, so how definitive is it anyway? He didn’t care and said that the ending just sucked and wasn’t fair.

The Duckling had her first encounter with sand yesterday which she thoroughly enjoyed. We played at the park for about half an hour where she dug, dumped, sifted, picked up, felt, and finally shoved a handful of sand into her mouth. Whereupon I got this scrunched-up face that said, “This tastes terrible, Mama!” After asking her what would have possessed her to suddenly do this, we rinsed her mouth out with water, and resumed playing. I don’t suspect she’ll be eating sand again in the near future.

Final bit of news…I either didn’t have the same virus the Duckling did or it was a really mild case because after the initial day the symptoms seem to be sporadic and manageable. Fingers crossed.