Monday, April 04, 2005

Sweetest Husband Ever

Tonight my manly bow-hunting, motorcycle riding, (retired) chew spittin’ Papa Duck made the ultimate sacrifice for me. He painted my toenails. Yup, Fire Engine Red with a top coat of sparklies.

When I’m walking the hallways of the maternity ward I want to be sure that my tootsies are in tip-top condition to showcase my new spangly flip-flops from Target (yes, I am aware that the red will clash a bit with the pink ones, but I also bought a black pair to match my leopard print velour Old Navy jammie pants that I will be sporting post-delivery). I like to leave a lasting inpression on all medical staff whom I come into contact with, just ask my first OB in Austin to whom I would swear that I was low on amniotic fluid ('cause I saw in on Oprah one day, that's why!!!).

Anyway, I suspect more than doing this unbelievably “chick chore” for me, Papa Duck was doing it for Peanut…as in to prolong Peanut’s in utero existence by getting me to avoid bending over.

Anyway, my virus and me are off to bed. Nighty night all.