Thursday, March 31, 2005

Like Mama, Like Duckling

So, we've been cooped up in the house for two and a half days now...together...aloneā€¦the whole time...without so much as a trip to the grocery...

This morning I had my weekly doctor's appointment and was unsure how Amazing Grace (herein known by her original name: the Duckling) would handle this as she's still a bit under the weather (read: pooping whining mess). As I grabbed our coats out of the closest she got a big smile on her face and toddled over to me.

Apparently, she misses going out on our adventures as much as I do. :(

I feel a little guilty for not bringing her to Target now, like maybe she would have liked to have scoped out the Easter clearance too? Maybe she looks forward to the big red bullseye trips as much as I do? I KNEW it was a good thing to start her off with a trip to Target at three weeks old!

Peanut Update: Head is low (TMI possibly forthcoming...the doctor said it was below the pubic bone...this is good...we're headed toward the "Exit"!) and the FHR was 138...and yes, Melinda, I should be off somewhere giving birth now, but I truly believe that Peanut is in there and knows if he were to debut this week his Mommy would likely have to check into the local looney bin with all the chaos of the last few weeks!