Saturday, April 02, 2005

Reduced Fat Oreos: A Review

So on the second night I got to escape the madness and germ infestation of our house I went grocery shopping. Not my favorite thing to do, but since my family insists on eating (Papa Duck anyway...the Duckling is still working on Kix and Cheerios) it's a necessity from time to time.

Anyway, there in the sale aisle of Cub Foods were Reduced Fat Oreos. Now if I haven't already stated this, some things in life are not meant to be low-fat and no matter what the manufacturers do to mask the taste...they still taste like butt. Salad dressing is a key offender. Fat-free salad dressing is an oxymoron...that's salad dressing's home on the food pyramid, the "Fats" grouping. There are a few low-fat ones that are tolerable, but for the most part, it's gotta be real and you just have to use a small portion so you don't go into cardiac arrest.

The Reduced Fat Oreos kinda freaked me out because on the packaging Nabisco admitted they previously tasted like crap..."New improved flavor." That, my friends, is an admission of guilt, but I picked up a package anyway.

The bottom line...they're really pretty good and there's not much difference taste-wise from the originals. I definitely recommend them because now you can eat twice as many in one sitting and not feel guilty! Enjoy!