Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"No Gnus is Good Gnus"

Remember "The Great Space Coaster" and Garry Gnus news segment? Or not...the show on a whole probably wasn't that memorable, but the catch-phrase seems fitting for today.

Just returned from the doctor...I am ZERO, ZILCH, NO centimeters dilated. Apparently this kid has like no desire to make a showing in the real world unlike his sister who was totally raring to go and then spent the next five months regretfully trying to figure out how to work her way back in.

But this is OK, because I am going out tonight for dinner with a friend...alone...sans eat a hot meal...without food being flung at me...without being grunted my OB put it, "Too bad you can't enjoy a margarita!"

Too bad indeed, my friends.