Thursday, April 07, 2005

You Mama, Me Cave Baby...

For those of you who haven’t gathered it from my little comments lately, the Duckling likes to grunt. Not only does she like to grunt, it seems to be her preferred form of communication. Yes, most 17 month olds can say mama, dada, no, yes, and a slew of other small, but vital words. Oh, the Duckling can say some of these words, including important things like "bubbles" and "cheese" as well as make the sounds of many household pets and barnyard animals WHEN PROMPTED. The child has no desire to utilize the words she knows on her own though.

Dinner frequently sounds like something you might hear in a 1960s caveman feature film. Lots of grunting. Lots. Pointing is big too. "Ugggh," Cave Baby grunts while thrusting her tiny finger toward the potatoes, "Ugggggggh!!!"

She can also sign two words...more and help. Although neither are actually the signs that I’ve taught her to use, being the astute parents that we are Papa Duck and I gather the meaning and follow her lead. This avoids food flinging and tempter tantrums, but not grunting.

Anyway, I’m being patient. The good news is that her hearing doesn’t seem to be the cause of her delayed speech. For example, after she’s thrown peas on the floor from her highchair (while grunting, of course), I can ask her to pick up the peas and hand them to me. She does it. She’s a very good listener, so I know it’s not an auditory issue.

I’m thinking it all stems back to that Scorpio thing. “I’ll do it (meaning ANYTHING) when I’m good and ready and ain’t no one going to tell me otherwise.” Did I mention she and her Daddy’s birthdays are just four days apart? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Or maybe it’s because she was born a Texan.

Either way, we’re in trouble when the teenage years hit.
And no…still no baby for those of you wondering.