Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'm Normal!

Papa Duck always claims that I'm neurotic because I like to keep the house picked-up. And, as I've mentioned before, we're not talking clean, clean, like eat off the floors clean, but I like the slipcovers and pillows to be straightened, the toys to be put away each night and the kitchen counter free of crumbs. I also like my toilet paper hanging over the front of the roll for easy access.

You, my friends, have confirmed that I AM NORMAL.

Poll results for the TP poll:
The end of the sheet comes over the top of the roll: 23 votes (58%)...NORMAL
The sheet hangs down behind the roll: 4 votes (10%)...REQUIRES CONTORTION OF HAND TO GET TO END OF PAPER
I don't use toilet paper: 6 votes (15%)...Ummmmm, GROSS
I prefer my toilet paper be handed to me by my bathroom attendant: 7 votes (18%)...DANG, I HAVE SOME IMPORTANT FRIENDS!

I'm not sure which is more disturbing...the fact that the "I don't use TP" got 6 votes OR the fact that that option placed third...not last as one would have anticipated...

New poll coming soon...sooner that Peanut, I hope.
Papa Duck also says that I need to fess up and admit that I've actually claimed that I hope that Peanut doesn't come this weekend because the weather is supposed to be beautiful and I'd like to take the Duckling to the zoo. This family outing serves two purposes, one as a field trip so that Cave Baby may grunt to some creatures who actually understand her communication style and secondly, as a threat that she may well be released back into the wild with the primates if the post-nap-temper-tantrums don't cease.
UPDATE: Papa Duck just came in here for a confession of his own ...he's admitted he's the "I don't use TP" voter...more to come on this as details become available...back to Target for anti-bacterial soap and Clorox wipes!!