Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sisters & Uninvited Guests?

I realize it's only been two days since we arrived home with Peanut, but the Duckling is doing a pretty good job trying understand this new person in our home. All of the "babies" she's ever seen are at least a month or two old, and I think at first seeing Peanut in the bassinet at the hospital kind of freaked her out. Maybe she thought the baby was sick? Or there was something wrong with her? She'd get this big pouty lip and cry each time she'd see her. Now that we're at home she likes to talk about the baby and point to her, but our attendance at mealtimes causes quite the distraction!
Early this morning I heard a very distinct noise coming from the landing at the top of our stairs. This used to be Lucky's area and is now the nursing/playroom/sunning area. The noise was very definitely the movement of the baby gate at the top of the stairs. I kicked Papa Duck and quietly asked if he heard it. Duh...the man sleeps through anything, what was I thinking? Then it happened again! He went to investigate and headed downstairs to see if there was anything amiss. Then as I lay there it occurred to me that I SWORE I had heard the silverware drawer being slammed earlier in the night (being too tired to care if someone was stealing my silverware I fell asleep again before Peanut's next feeding). The more I thought about the noises and the house we're living in I thought it wasn't likely a person we were hearing, but a ghost.

Meritt- don't you have a denizen of sorts living in your home? Anyway, I've heard that spirits are very interested in children and babies...this is assuming you believe in this type of stuff.

I don't care if they're here as long as they're peaceful and let us be.

Speaking of peaceful...the Duckling is at the park with Papa and Peanut is passed out in the sun (this is SO my daughter!) for her jaundice...time for me to start dinner!

Cheers all!