Friday, May 27, 2005

In my groove

So I finally feel like I'm in my old groove here in my new home.

We hosted playgroup this morning and I ambitiously bathed Peanut (who kind of stunk from all the foofing she's been doing lately...really, I've never smelled a baby quite like her!) and made cookies for my guests. The kids played really well and enjoyed our new sandtable nicely. That's saying quite a bit for mostly non-verbal one yead olds.

Today is gorgeous, not too hot, not too cold and sunny. Love it!

This weekend we're getting the opportunity to see both sides of our families and possibly help the Wisconsinites meet their goal for selling 200K brats at The World's Largest Brat Fest. Lord, can't get that kind of goodness back in Texas! Brats for a buck and hot dogs (YUM!) for 50 cents.

If one person comments on the disgustingness of hot dogs I will personally go to their house and make them eat an entire package of hot dogs. I know what's in them and I love them. Bologna too.

Happy Friday and hopefully we'll get some more pictures up soon! :)