Monday, May 02, 2005

Things I Did Not Agree To

It's May 2nd.

On May 1st and May 2nd it has snowed at the place I am currently living (but not my "home"...).

This was not part of the terms and conditions that I agreed to when I left Texas.

That is all.

Oh more thing, this morning on Sesame Street Super Grover had to let go of his beloved old red cape for a new one. How timely considering my recent release of Grey Yoga Pants. It's good to see Sesame Street going beyond the ABCs and 123s...children should know about the heartache of letting an old friend go and how to emotionally deal with such an experience. Kudos to the folks in the Sesame Street neighborhood! Maybe if they'd had this kind of preparation when I was little I wouldn't have mourned for so long over my knit friend.

But I still don't think that Cookie Monster should have to eat his vegetables. That's just not right.