Saturday, September 04, 2004

Another Week...By Miss Grace


Mommy's not feeling well and asked me to type this week. First off, I'm adding some color because black is boring. Alright, that's better.

Now, what have we done this week? Hmmmm, we did a lot of sitting around the house (Mommy is not very fun lately) trying to avoid going out into the ragweed. One afternoon it was actually cool enough that we braved taking a walk. That was nice and we didn't get too snotty or anything. We had a playgroup here with some "boys" on Wednesday. It was nice, we had lunch and everything. Then on Friday we went to an all girls playgroup at our other friend Grace's house. I got to see her big dog, Porter, and also we took some pictures with their lemurs. Yes, they have two ring-tailed lemurs in the backyard. They are very cool, but also territorial! Here's some information on them: Also, that Miss Grace (NOT ME) is getting three sisters in a few (her mom is having triplets!!)! Good for her, but I'm glad I don't have to share my stuff with any sisters or any other babies...

Finally we got out of the house on Friday night and went to dinner at the Nutty Brown ( and tried guacamole for the first was VERY yummy!! Daddy took me outside to see Cheeto (the parrot), but I HATE parrots. He didn't know that, so it's OK, but one yelled at me in PetsMart and our friends, J and Sandra, have a bird named Sydney who talked to me once and freaked me out too. Birds and animals in general should be quiet and Lucky. She is the smartest pet I know. I love her.

Alright. That's it for me.

Love to all!

Miss Grace