Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Anticipaaaaaaation is making me wait...

My computer has been REALLLLLY show this morning. Must sense there's a holiday coming up.

Early this morning we all trekked downtown for our big ultrasound! It was quick, but everything looks great. Peanut is 12 ounces and his FHR was 136 (the lowest it's been so far for those of you charting it...ha ha!). I posted some pictures of him below, but they're a bit hard to see. Once I regain my composure from dealing with the imaging/mark-ups from the first go-round I may give it another shot and try to re-post some better ones. Basically it's a really cute little profile of his head and then his head and chest.

Grace was pretty sweet last night. She was walking around with Hannah, a doll she got from Aunt Boo and Co. for her birthday, and patting her back. Then she tried to put her in the highchair and as you'll see in one picture...I think she might be checking for poopies! I lift Grace up in the air and smell her butt (gross, I know, but it's a necessity if you don't hear the noises or see "The Face"!), so maybe she was imitating?

Tomorrow is Turkey Day and we'll go over to Bill and Melissa's for the feast. It should be interesting with two one-year olds running around, thankfully Melissa's mom is in town for back-up. We, The Adults, officially outnumber the kids 2 1/2: 1.

BTW, feel free to vote for Peanut's sex if you haven't already! I'm having fun checking the results... :)

Cheers, love and have a lovely holiday!