Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dumb Things I've Done/Said Lately

1. The fabulous ladies in my moms' group up here provided us with meals for the week. One woman brought those peanut butter cookies with the large chocolate chips in the middle. As I was devouring one, I thought, "I'd love to make these, they can't be that hard. I wonder where you get chocolate chips this big, though." Duh. For those of you still pondering it...see answer at end of post.

2. I braved the outside world with the girls yesterday and wore my new zebra coat for the first time. As I tossed it on and ran out the door before the Duckling and/or Peanut got hungry, crapped her pants or started crying I checked myself out in the mirror, "Looking good sexy mama!" I thought (not really, but it sounds better that "Hey, at least you got mascara on and your hair brushed today!" which is more likely what I was really thinking). Standing in store number 4 (Victoria's Secret if you must know...I got one of those free undies coupons in the mail yesterday!!!) in the mall I looked down into the diaper bag for my wallet and noticed the pricetag for the coat dangling from my armpit. SWEET!!!!

Now those are Cool Feelings!

Where DO you get chocolate chips that large? Ummm, they're called Hershey's Kisses.