Monday, May 16, 2005

Here I am!!!

Really, I have not fallen off the face of the earth...we're all here and still alive.

After telling the story of the Sippy Cup's Demise to multiple mothers I feel more confident that those who have BTDT won't think I'm a total nutcase and report me to any agencies which might want to remove my girls from my care.

The Great Sippy Cup Story is this. Duckling was shoving Peanut off of the ottoman in an attempt to show her jealousy. I told her repeatedly as nicely as I could to not to this and be gentle with the baby. After her hysterical laughing at me and continuous shoving of the baby, I lost it. I grabbed her sippy cup and whipped it at the floor (which has a concrete underlay). Upon impact it shattered and spewed water all over the living room. This accomplished three things...
1. Allowed me to relieve some pent up anger with a child who is just a little young to understand punishment.
2. Got the same child's attention, whereupon she stopped the undesirable behavior (shoving Peanut) and started crying (finally sensing Mommy was a little pissed off).
3. Tested the Nuby sippy cup's ability to respond under pressure when colliding with a carpeted floor.
Had a nice weekend. Am pretty sure that my family members now think I have totally lost any ability to carry on an adult conversation using big words. It's amazing how you can think you are not sleep deprived until you actually try to carry on a discussion with people other than your 17 month old.
New poll on the sidebar...please vote. As always, this is totally scientific and the findings will likely be published in some important journal someday. People care about this kind of stuff I tell you. Maybe I can even get a government grant to further delve into the science of sandwich making. Maybe I can eventually come up with some sandwiches that are so hearty and resistant to sogginess that they can be used by the military. Hmmmmm, I may have something here.
You know, as I read through this post I can't help but think that Time magazine does a Blogwatch in each issue...maybe someday they'll come across mine and find it of the utmost worldly significance.